Be Bold, Be Brave!

Many of us sit and wait, wait and once again…wait around for the “right opportunity” before we decide to step up and take action. Who decides this “right opportunity”? Obviously it’s us; it’s all in our minds. Sadly, sometimes that right opportunity never comes…Why? Only coz we were the ones to tag it right time or the wrong time.

However, around us there is this category of people known as the ‘Bold’ and ‘Brave’. They don’t have super powers. They are the ones who know how to make the most of any given set of circumstances that very often end up with a success story, even a small one. Failures come along the way too, they know how to take it with a smile. They have the courage and confidence to go after what they desire. They understand that rarely is any situation perfect. Consistent little wins spell success, and that is how you keep building your confidence. Having courage does not mean absense of fear. Courageous people fear too, but they have the ability to manage and overcome their fear.

During my late teens and early 20’s I had this fear of starting a conversation. Be it in person or over the telephone or even text messages for that matter. I would always refrain from it. What if I am not making sense? What if the person feels I am too boring? What if I say something incorrect? Are just a few of those ‘what if’s’ that ran through my mind every time I found myself in a situation of talking to people. This process of fear filled self questioning made me lack in almost everything I did. I thought I was putting up a brave face while being surrounded by people but unfortunately I came out to be rude and arrogant. I always liked to be part of discussions and listen; just stay there admiring others while they speak and thinking how I wish could give my inputs too. But I always gave in to the fear of being wrong.

Did I enjoy it?? Nope! Not one bit, coz eventually I was not considered very important among the rest of the individuals.

As a person I was always complimented for having a strong personality, great height and a beautiful smile. Somewhere I knew these attributes needed to be put to use. After my graduation in 2008, I decided to enroll myself for a course in Events Management. And boy, that was the best year of my life. A year that totally changed me as a person and the way I chose to look at things. This platform gave me the opportunity to meet so many different people, know them and work with them.

As a part of the training process we were assigned to work on several different projects to get the first hand experience of working for organizing an event. Strangely so, I was selected to be a project leader for one of the events…I was excited but deep inside very very scared, scared knowing that I am going to be the point of contact for my team of volunteers and the event organizers. To be able to manage what I am assigned to I have to talk. Talk to my team to make sure they reach the venue on time, wearing the right outfits and assigning them their jobs. I must have hardly slept the previous night. But this time there was no looking back, I literally challenged myself to take on that job like a pro, and guess what, I did it. Talking did not kill me. It gave me so much of confidence and I was chosen to be the project leader for several other events during that whole course (A lil self praising there). Every time I was put in the spot, I feared.. but I managed to overcome my fear.

Today, I can manage to start a conversation with anyone. I don’t say I don’t have second thoughts to keep my mouth shut.. I do sometimes, but I have learnt to face my fear. Those ‘What if’s’ have now turned to ‘So what’.

Be Bold, Be Brave …. Believe in yourself, and you have already won half the battle.

Oh! Did I say anything wrong?? So what, correct me and there I will learn something new.

Love Ophelia,



22 thoughts on “Be Bold, Be Brave!

  1. Good read Ophi, its a must read for all the ‘what if’ types…. I m sure your read will make a difference…. Atleast in me where many times we fight this battle of ‘what if’….

    Liked by 1 person

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